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Terms to be an Merchant Seller

The JT Store Always Invite and welcome everyone who has legal products to sell on JT store.

1. Anyone from India Over Age 18 has authorized dealership of products or registration of own brand/ organization or self-made or manufacturer of product are welcome to post their products on JTStore.

2. Reseller are not allowed to advertise and post product on JT Store.

3. JT Store reserves right to BAN you anytime without any clarification if we found advertising any misrepresentation of product and services on website.

4. In any situation you breach the contract so JT Store declares this contract voidable.

5. You don’t have right to accept or make any offer behalf of JT Store for promotional or any kind of activity.

6. The purpose of associate program is to permit you to advertise your products and sell using JT Store.

7. We have an independent contractual identity together we are not partner or joint venture, agency, Franchise, sales representative or employment relationship, so you don’t have any rights to accept any offer behalf of the JT Store.

8. Please note do not use affiliate link for your own purchasing.

9. You don’t have rights to misuse customer personal data in any situation\ at any cost for other work or your personal work.

10. Your Merchant user name and password is only for your personal use please does not share with anyone at any cost.

11. JT Store BAN you due to some\any reason, after this\BAN JT Store is liable to your customer for every situation.

12. JT Store gives you 120 days for sale. In 120 days you have to sale at least 1 product.

13. You have right to use JT Store logo and trade mark with limited purpose of advertisement.

14. Do not use the JT Store trade mark, logo for your personal use and any other use in any case.

15. It’s Merchant’s responsibility to update product’s stock, price and other related details on site they are advertising with JT Store.

16. Merchant will be responsible for any loss, damage or legal issue arises due to product sold from JTStore.

17. It’s TheJTStore’s responsibility to pass customer and order details within 48working hours if payment confirmed from banking team to Merchant to process delivery.

18. It’s Merchant’s responsibility to available exact product to shipping partner with proper packaging and bills for shipment within 48 hours of order received with merchant.

19. It’s Merchant’s responsibility for any loss, damage or legal issue arises due to delay in delivery, wrong delivery or damaged delivery.

20. Merchant Will be responsible to cover any guarantee, warrantee, replace or repair of product.

21. TheJTstore will be responsible to transfer fund with Merchant after deduction of tax , charges and commission if anything applicable after successful dispatch.

22. IF There Is Any Manufacturing Defect on product then Dealers/manufacturers have to dealup with the same , Jt Store IS not Responsible in this situation ., if customer return the defected products or wrong products they receive. so, you have to accept the same and return their amount as well

23. Proper packaging required , if not then shipping company can reject your parcel to pickup

24. After our confirmation you have to process parcel to deliver to the customer end without any delay., if after that customer complain and claim about the refund because of delay in delivery, then you have to deal with this situation. Else you provide better service to them or you refund them as they claim.

25. All rights reserved by the JT Store.